Virtual Tours

Why describe a property when you can show pictures? Real Estate virtual tours feature a a smooth Ken Burns gallery of home images for visitors to view.  Our tour window is easy to navigate and include simple tools to help viewers find out more about the property and get in touch with you. A prospective buyer just clicks on the photo of the home that is featured on your website and the tour begins;  showcasing views and exceptional details.

All real estate photos and virtual tours by Tour Real Estate Inc. are posted to over 350 area Real Estate websites and  more! When your tour is viewed by a potential buyer who requests additional information he or she will be directed automatically to your web site or your office site. YOUR contact information is on every listing displayed on your site, making you the ever important point of contact!

Our professional photographers will shoot and post tours to your website with us or deliver your photos to you to post. Or you can even shoot and upload your own photos to create a tour with no extra help!

For our clients, your tour URL will be submitted to the MLS along with up to 25 photos automatically any time you shoot a tour with us!

2 thoughts on “Virtual Tours

  1. from a buyer’s perspective, Virtual Tours are SUPER ANNOYING. the effect is multiplied if one is trying to sift through lots of information.

    Like being strapped in next to a drunk driver, you are subject to herky jerky movements and zooms to nowhere, and often obnoxious music, at uncontrolled speeds.

    Please, just present a easily navigable gallery of pictures.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to look at our blog, we appreciate it.
      We couldn’t agree more about your comments regarding virtual tours; as it has been the coming trend for some time we’ve moved away from the 360 degree pans as much as possible, although many of our REALTOR® clients still request them.

      Being a tour/website provider it’s a problem we often face: wanting to provide a service that our customers request, even though we feel it may not be what is necessarily BEST.

      MUSIC is the worst! Ugh. “Can you add this autoplaying midi song to my homepage? It’s only 15megs.” ….uhm, we COULD. But do you *really* want us to?! 😉

      We’re glad to say that our new virtual tour functionality is very basic. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) A nice Ken Burns panning slideshow of standard high quality photos. Details and other tools being quite easy to find and navigate throughout. Our clients can even create these on their own, at no extra cost. While we do plan to offer music for our tours down the road for our customers who want it we are glad to see that many share the same dislike for the canned tunes that we do.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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