Effective Realtor Social Marketing

More and more Realtors and real estate companies are finally getting on the social media bandwagon before it completely leaves town. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, and other user content driven platforms have been providing new opportunities to get your message out and reach new audiences for some time now; it’s good to see the real estate industry finally getting up to speed…well, sort of.

Sadly the same things that make social networking great – cheap/free, easy to use with no coding knowledge required, or graphic design skills, or costly printing – can also allow the average user to cleanly shoot themselves directly in the foot. Too often Realtors and other companies are using social media marketing without having an understanding of the best practices in using those platforms.

The result is a flood of marketing communication that falls short of it’s goals, doesn’t even reach it’s target market, or even worse, ends up causing the Realtor or brokerage to lose valuable leads.

The Cost of Social Media Misuse

Many people fall prey to the thinking that more is better. This is not always the case with social marketing. Neither is social marketing the silver bullet for all your marketing challenges – by having the familiar facebook, twitter, and other icons on your site (and even having accounts connected on those sites) will not magically make your traffic soar or have your phone ringing off the hook. Any time a Realtor or real estate company is the victim to any of these misconceptions the usual results is a lot of fap without much flap.

The negative implications that follow may include the following:

  • Wasting marketing, business, technical resources, or funds on low-value communication activities instead of on high-value ones.
  • Creating “noise” and causing target audiences to completely tune out.
  • Damaging your brand to any future marketing that may have actually gained results.

On average most Americans are exposed to between 600 and 3,000 advertising messages every day – perhaps the best reason that MORE advertising doesn’t necessarily equal EFFECTIVE advertising.

So what’s key? Not More Communication, but More Effective Communication!

Chances are your target audience doesn’t want any more advertising in front of them than they are already getting. Which makes it your job to not offer direct advertising but rather informational communication – you can’t just sell the sizzle anymore, if the client base is actually HUNGRY for steak. At the very least you should put more time and effort into creating quality communications that are well designed, attractive, or even humorous in order to keep your audience interested in what you have to say.

Things to Note and Consider for More Impact

You should first create an effective marketing communications strategy by first choosing which social media platforms provide you with the largest potential client base, as well as the most features, to help you fulfill your communication objectives. By choosing platforms and ingredients strategically,with an eye to how they will complement one another, you will create much better results than using them simply because they have become available. There is nothing wrong with being on every social portal out there because very often they create good backlinks, but choose wisely where and how often you publish your content on those portals.

Less Can Be MORE
Jumping on the latest, greatest social bandwagon without first considering who your audience is and what platform is best for reaching them is the leading cause of ineffective Realtor marketing communications.  Social media being often cheap and easy to use is it’s biggest danger; even marketers who should know better are led astray by wanting to get on all available sites without consider if they will be more of a benefit than a waste of time.

And Then? And Then? AND THEN?
Another important thing to consider is the “funny commercial” scenario. You see a commercial on TV the first time and it’s hilarious, you laugh, even maybe tell your friends. You see it the second time, still funny, but not a gut-buster like it was at first. The next time it comes on during the same hour…well…you start loving your DVR. The internet doesn’t have a DVR option; if you are constantly putting out the same content, on 12 different social sites, how many times is someone going to look at it before they are wishing they had a fast forward button?

Offering audiences too many choices for communicating with them, or repetitive messages, can create noise and confusion for you as well as the customer. Did they write you on Facebook or should you be looking for those leads from your blog? While using multiple social forums is good for reaching larger audiences it is important not to be a repeating parrot, or to spread yourself too thin. At the very least make sure you have the point of contact and capture from those portals directed to a single location or limited number of locations – like your Realtor website.

A couple of great methods for boosting the things you are doing on social sites are Realtor eFlyers and lead capture web sites.

eFlyers / Newsletters: Ideal for consolidating information into one location. You can summarize important information, focus on a particular niche, and provide links to pages on your Realtor website or social page where complete information can be found. Give them just a taste in the email and they will follow the link to your site, thus driving up your traffic.

Realtor Lead Capture Sites: A GREAT way to make use of any extra, empty, or forwarded domain names you have laying around. A blank or forwarded domain does almost nothing for your search engine placement or your lead capturing ability. By having a Realtor lead capture website you have the ability to market these stand alone sites based on a specific topic (Foreclosure Homes List, Free Market Analysis etc) to reach a targetted market. They also function as one more backlink to your main website or social profile and best of all they capture leads you can turn into sales.

Ready to Get Started?

Tour Real Estate Inc is the premier Realtor Website and Realtor Marketing provider online today. More than just websites, we offer a wide range of online Realtor marketing and technology to help you move more real estate. Wanting to make more out of your digital presence? Contact TourRE today to find out how we can help you strengthen your online marketing strategy and sell more real estate!

Marketing YOUR Realtor Services Effectively

The internet has changed the game in real estate and for over the last decade Tour Real Estate has been a big part of that change. Honestly, did you ever think back in 1999 that more than 80% of all home sales would begin on the internet? Fact is, that day came long ago, yet still most of the real estate agent base continues to miss out on internet generated sales. This shows while new technology can be effective, like any other tool it must be used properly in order to gain the best results — after all you wouldn’t try to cut down a tree with a hammer, now would you?

So how can it be that over 80% of all home sales start online and yet 90% of all Realtors are unhappy with their online marketing results? Part of it comes down to the simple fact that many do not understand how to use these powerful tools effectively – they are trying to hammer nails with their saw instead of using it to cut wood. Another reason may be that many Realtors think that simply being online, just having a website and using it as a digital business card, is enough; this is a concept that went out the window over 5 years ago. Lastly, many are relying on the free websites and services provided to them by their brokerages to market themselves, instead of leveraging their own individual services via their own website; this can be a costly mistake.

Here’s a few things you need to know:

1. A Strong Brand Leads to Success
No, sorry. When there were only a few hundred available real estate websites online that may have been the case. And while having a good, recognizable brand is still good practice it’s not going to make or break your success – you simply will not be the next Nike of real estate, and even if you are it will not guarantee your online success. Never before has so much information been so available from so many different portals. What’s more with the downfall of so many big business companies, the consumer market is turning quickly to a preference to working with individuals rather than corporate entities. If you are still heavily marketing your corporate brand you’ve got to ask yourself: who is REALLY benefiting from it?

2. Trust your corporate IT department for the best results.
Uhm, no. The corporate IT department is hired by the company, not you, thereby while maintaining your website might fall under their responsibilities insuring the success of your website does not. A website that is designed to be successful for YOU by marketing YOUR listings and services will logically benefit you, not the corporation and thusly it may be a good idea to manage that yourself or hire a company that is your advocate online rather than your brokerages. Corporate has different goals than you do. Corporate isn’t looking to protect your marketplace for you, they are looking to protect your marketplace for them. Use whatever website or marketing your office provides for you, but by all means don’t rely on that alone – by controlling and marketing your own individual Realtor services you can very often out-perform the big business brokerages all on your own.

3. Getting all the technology you can guarantees success.
USING the technology you have is the best method, and even then success is not guaranteed. Regardless of your marketing, your technology, or anything else the fact remains that good Realtors sell houses, nothing else. In the end it will always come down to face to face time and how you help your clients achieve their goals. The technology and marketing can help you find them, bring them in, and make them clients but YOU and you alone will be the biggest selling factor.

You can have video, $50,000 websites, designers bleeding you of thousands of dollars each month, lead management systems, and more — and fail completely. Why? Because all that is worthless if you have no leads or don’t know how to manage them! Most Realtor websites do not provide users with a way to capture leads, much less manage them the way a Tour Real Estate Realtor website does. Agents are tired of fruitless efforts to make their online marketing work and more often, they are simply hiring someone else to do that for them rather than taking their digital presence in hand themselves. It is vitally important that YOU have some level of control over your website, its marketing, and what gets done with the leads that come from it – you can not depend on your company to bring in the leads for you and no amount of technology will do it for you as effectively as you yourself may be able to with some guidance from REAL online marketing experts.

The internet has leveled the playing field and as such you should embrace it and use all the valuable tools it can provide to leverage your Realtor services. In this day and age the individual agent is no longer the little guy, but has the real ability to compete with the big names – provided they have the website and technology that allows them to do so, and the motivation to put in the effort any successful task requires.

Online marketing success comes down to a few things:

  • Maintain a good marketing platform with information available to the consumer upon request; provide them with the information and tools they require.
  • Make certain that people searching the web for homes can find your site. Make sure once they get there they can find what they want easily.
  • Drive traffic through effective online marketing and convert visitors to your site into registrations – and follow up on those leads personally.

There are any number of ways to achieve these tasks above, and we are glad to assist our Realtor Website customers in understanding those methods.  The first step is to use a Realtor website system that puts you in control of your content, search engine visibility, and lead management like the ones provided by Tour Real Estate Inc. Even if you already have a corporate provided website, or a freebie website with some other company, the benefits of having a powerful Realtor website from TourRe as your main marketing portal are too numerous to mention here briefly and we encourage you to visit our website for more details on the numerous services we offer.

Get in control of your digital presence, learn from the experts at TourRE how to best market your services online and before long your broker may be coming to you asking for advice on how they can see results like you have!

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Modern Real Estate Marketing

The real estate agent of today has a much different market to work in that Realtors of the past have ever been confronted with. In the past throwing out buzzwords into classified or print magazine ads, a picture or two, or holding an open house were about your only real options in affordable Realtor marketing that didn’t involve shelling out an arm and a leg for radio time or plastering your face on a giant billboard.

It’s a different world of Realtor marketing; if you aren’t riding the very cusp of the wave you are likely to get washed out to sea in this tumultuous real estate market.

Here’s an example of the OLD way of marketing your listings, taken from the 70’s:

A Northend Boise Realtor listed a home on Harrison Boulevard, her brokerage firm paid for a one and a half line classified ad in the Idaho Statesman that offered the location, a hint of the price and a limited description that read: “Great sun filled home, excel maint, desired locale”. She placed the ad, held a small open house, and while that was enough at the time to drum up a buyer we can look at the cost of that one time print ad, the time spent at the open house, and realize even though it was the only game in town at the time, it definitely may have not been the most cost effective means to move real estate; even if ALL their subscribers saw her ad that would only be about
30,000 possible contacts…maybe in reality 5% of which even saw the ad and of that 5% perhaps 2% were even in the market for a home.

If they were in the know, the same Realtor would market that listing much differently today. FREE social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook would very likely replace the one time print classified ad. She would pay a professional real estate photography or real estate virtual tour company to photograph her listing so it could be posted on her blog,Posterous, Realtor.com, and showcased on her Realtor website. By marketing her real estate online she has not only likely saved money but she has also increased the exposure of the listing by a hundred fold. The internet is world wide, open 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

This may not seem like much, just the cost of a print ad, but fact is for the cost of a one page ad in a magazine or a newspaper your Realtor Website could be up and running, showcasing your listings and your Realtor brand 365 days a year!

A good listing agent is a marketeer first, a salesperson second.
Traditional marketing methods have not disappeared, and are still effective, Just Listed cards, Farming Cards, and open houses all still get results but are likely to not be nearly as cost effective as social networking and technology have made marketing online.

The internet is not a new invention but many real estate professionals are just now beginning to grasp it’s importance in marketing their listings and getting the word out about their services. It is also a powerful tool for Selling Agents as well, as consumer expectations regarding how a home should be marketed have changed as well.

A Realtor Website, no matter how advanced it may be, is not automatic, and should by no means simply be created and forgotten about except for when the bill comes.

If you do not have a Realtor Website system that puts you in control of your content and search engine visibility, GET ONE. Pre-canned Realtor Websites, and freebie Realtor websites almost do more harm than good to your digital presence. You don’t need to be serving out the same content as a thousand other area agents – it benefits the website company, not YOU!

If you yourself are not actively working your Realtor website and putting fresh content and information into it then by all means: PAY SOMEONE to do it for you! Just blogging once a month can provide a noticeable increase in website traffic.

The days of just being online, just having a website, and that being enough are OVER. Your website needs to be fresh and alive to compete with the growing tide of online Realtors vying for a narrowing client base. Don’t risk losing your valuable share of this difficult market because your website was not able to keep up with your real estate business needs.

Contact Tour Real Estate Inc today to find out how you can boost sales and move more real estate by getting an affordable, powerful Realtor Website from us. Already have a TourRE website? We can help you make it even better – drop us a line to find out more about our Boise Search Engine Optimization services, social networking tips, and more to help make your Realtor Website even more effective.

Write a Better Real Estate Blog

Do you agonize over blogging, trying to create new content, and get frustraited with not seeing any returns? There are a number of technical things that can drive more traffic to your blog, but the best place to start is in what you are writing itself.

If you are marketing your blog correctly you will provide a short hook on one of your social portals (Facebook, Twitter, Tumlbr etc) that will encite curiousity or interest and prompt people to visit your blog for the full story.

Fact is though, we live in a fast paced world and most people just want to get the info, and get out.

It becomes your job as a blogger (especially if you are a frequent writer) to provide your visitors with the info they need, in a format that is easy to take in, and get them back out either to your site or on their way to hitting that bookmark/subscribe button. Here are some great tips to help you make your content more effective.

Stay clear with your topic of choice for every blog post. No need to wander off and talk about the time your uncles cousins sisters brother took you fishing. Visitors will be in and out of your blog in seconds if they don’t find what they want…and it won’t be to your site or the subscribe button.

“Message To your Market”. If your target market is first time home buyers in Idaho it wouldn’t do you much good to write a complex article talking about the statistical reasons for the .5% change in some obscure rate. They won’t understand. They will be gone to another site or blog that has the info they want.

You can even go so far as to underline words too! USE your text styling options to make your content more accessible. Use bold and italics to highlight important keywords and concepts. Underline words or phrases to show particular importance.

Following the idea of using the styling of bold,italic, and underline: make your content very easy to browse through quickly, find key points and ideas, and get on to the next. Most people these days don’t read. They want the pretty picture and little else. Therefore having content that is concise and easy to scan over with the eye makes good sense.

The Best Realtor Websites

Use images to break up the text on your blog or site. Pictures provide visual interest and help make a bunch of boobally text more readable, and actually maybe even interesting. (besides which you SHOULD use your keywords and insert ALT tags on your images where possible)

Write short, precise paragraphs, even if you have a lot to say. Break it down into something more easily read. There is very little more daunting to most web users than to hit a site that is just one huge long run-on sentence. By breaking your paragraphs into shorter sections you make it a lot more accessible to your visitors.

Keep it clear, make it concise, and write pertinent, creative, content and you will be far ahead of the game in gaining repeat visitors to your blog and driving traffic to your other websites.

Is all this mumbo jumbo? Do you need help marketing your Realtor services online? Tour Real Estate Inc has been providing the very best Realtor websites and online Realtor marketing for nearly a decade! Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to help you develop your digital presence, target your market, and move more real estate!!

Uncan Your Real Estate Website

Why pay hundreds of dollars for the same website your competition is using?

Tour Real Estate Inc provides quality, powerful Realtor websites that put YOU in control of your website content and search engine visibility.

Our Realtor websites make YOU the contact agent for any listing displayed or searched for from your website.  Lead capture websites and forms; tracking statistics allow you to stay in contact with potential buyers and target marketing strategies that get results and help you move more real estate!

Before you shell out wads of cash for a Realtor website or redesign to a company that offers much less, contact TourRE. We can provide cost effective, powerful, Realtor websites and Realtor eMarketing to help you move more real estate for a fraction of what others will charge for a lesser service.

Tour Real Estate Inc has been specializing in the best real estate websites for over a decade. Our focus is on creating the most effective, customizable Realtor and Real Estate office websites online today. We do one thing, help you move more real estate, and we do it extremely well.

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Realtor Website Mistakes

Tour Real Estate Inc has been specializing in the best real estate websites for over a decade. Our focus is on creating the most effective, customizable Realtor and Real Estate office websites online today. Don’t fall for fast talking web marketeers throwing out hype words that likely they and you do not understand. TourRE helped coin most of those phrases, we know how they work, and how to use them effectively – we do one thing, Real Estate Websites, and we do them extremely well. Here are some of the top mistakes to avoid when considering your website design or redesign:

Forced Logins
Take a lesson from Google: charge for a service or force registration and lose customers – give information away and make clients for life. There are literally thousands upon thousands of real estate websites online, chances are if a visitor is forced to login or give out info they don’t want to they will be off of your site and on to a site that offers the info or services for free in a matter of seconds. If you simply MUST have lead capturing make sure it is optional, brief, or at least offer some quality information or content to your visitors in exchange for the personal information you are requesting from them.

Pretty Pictures with Little Text Content
Content is STILL king. A pretty picture, or flash slideshow will do nothing for your website in search engine results. Fact is it may actually be hurting your placement. If you must have large image banners on your landing page be sure to include some kind of keyword rich text content ( or blog feed) below the scroll line of the page. The days of Realtors smiling stock photos, pictures of agents standing in a field and other trite graphics do little to offer visual interest to your website, and may actually make your website feel alot more impersonal. What will visitors think when they see the same smiling Judy Agent on your site that they saw on 10 other sites that day?

No Meta Data
Meta-tags have been somewhat depreciated in value to your search engine placement but they still can change how search engines see your site. Having proper, keyword focused, meta-data is the very first most basic thing to create when setting up your website.Realtor websites from TourRE provide FULL meta-data control, allowing for unique keywords, titles, and descriptions for every page on your website.

Expecting Your Website to Magically Run Itself
Your website will not work automatically to change the way you do business or pull in hundreds of potential clients. It’s simple logic: You get OUT what you put IN. If you have a website and put nothing into it ( or have no one managing it ) it is a stagnant hole in cyberspace, doing nothing for you or your business. TourRE provides an extremely detailed toolbox for our clients to control nearly every aspect of their website to make it a living breathing creation. We can integrate social networks and blogs into your Realtor website to further your marketing power and turn traffic into investment returns.

There is NO Replacement for Quality Design
A website should be a living breathing thing; we make controlling your content easy. Your website must not only be visually appealing but technically functional. Realtor websites from TourRE feature both of these requirements, combining elegant design and powerful code that are proven to get results. We have been working with Realtors for years and understand the markets and what drives them as well as the most current trends in web design and online marketing.

The best way to avoid these mistakes: Get a Realtor website from TourRE. We can design custom looks to suit any need and our templated websites offer an amazing amount of custom control that allows you to create your own powerfully optimized text and image content — all for about the cost of a one time print ad. Our Realtor Websites are more than the same pre-canned design other companies serve out over and over to all their clients — why pay hundreds of dollars for the same.exact.website your competition has?! Realtor Websites from TourRE give you REAL control over what visitors and search engines see.

Before you shell out wads of cash for a Realtor website or redesign to a company that offers much less, contact TourRE. We can provide cost effective, powerful, Realtor websites and online marketing to help you move more real estate for a fraction of what others will charge for a lesser service.

Real Estate Market Got You Down?

Drive sales and move real estate COST EFFECTIVELY with a Realtor Website from Tour Real Estate! NO other Realtor Website system provides the power, functionality, and control of a TourRE Realtor Website — all for about the cost of a one time print advertisement.

Target Your Market

Showcase Your Listings

Increase Search Engine Visibility

Capture Leads

Realtor Websites as Low as $100 !

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