REALTOR Twitter Tips 2: So you want to be a real estate twit (some more) ?

We’ll assume you’ve already created your shiny new twitter account correctly. If not this article should help in that area, and feel free to read our first Real Estate Twitter Tips article here.

That aside there are a few things you’ll want to focus on to help get you on the fast track to using twitter more effectively. Like all social media it is encouraged that you access and use these profiles frequently (at least daily) for best results. Thankfully most major social networks are very mobile friendly which only increases their practicality through ease of use, and allows for exceptional response time when handling follower activity.

Remember the first basic simple things that come with ALL proper profile setup: Visit any available settings and enter information pertinent to you or your business. This means about text, any place you can put a link
to your main site (if you don’t have one, shame on you), and adding a profile picture. If you aren’t going to make use of the available tools don’t complain when you get less than stellar results. For many setting a non default [egg] profile picture doesn’t seem to be a big deal, but let me tell you it’s the little things that count. Having a default profile picture, or even a low tweet count, can be the first biggest block to losing followers.

Special REALTOR® Specific Tip: If you plan to use your twitter account for any largely visible real estate marketing and want to customize your background image, make sure you include the Equal Housing, National Association of REALTORS, and Your Regional MLS logos as well as (depending on your mls requirements) your office logo prominently in the image. This can help avoid technical problems with your mls or brokerage down the road.

Ready? Now TWEET!
…but don’t get carried away. once you’ve learned how to do it, the 140 character limit almost becomes like a challenge; it’s easy to go overboard. Tweet well, be entertaining, be relevant, but don’t be a flooder. It’s better to break up your tweets and spread them out over the course of a day rather than a dozen at a pop. Posting too frequently or in large uninterrupted bursts (Flooding) your stream can cost you followers, be thoughtful; considerate.

Even with a 140 Character Limit: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.
Post photos. Services and apps like instagram make it easy to post images; sharing sites like Pinterest have become all the rage. Don’t let 140 character limit slow you down, get creative and reap the benefits. Humans are visual creatures; you very well may see your highest levels of interaction based on an image you post more than any smarmy quip.

Be a good listener.
It’s about more than just putting stuff out there though. Yes you want to interact often and posting great content (or at least links to it) must be par for the course, but beyond that there’s a whole other level of network nurturing to be done. Be there to serve. A big part of your success and visibility socially is what others say about you; being positive and offering assistance tends to garner better responses. If someone asks a question and you know the answer, put it out there. Retweet and share the links and tweets of people you follow (this is a compliment) and by helping get the word out about their posts you can often expect the same in return.

Follow back those (NON-BOTS) who follow you, even if they are technically your “competition”, as every follower potentially expands your overall exposure eponentially.

Search twitter for regional keywords (the cities where/around where you operate) and find other local people and businesses to connect with. Working your local-most sphere of influence is where you can very often see the bigger online interaction as well as the most real world returns.

Are you a real estate professional using social media to get the word out about your services or listings? We’d love to hear from you, talk some shop, or even try to answer any questions you might have. Drop us a line here, and feel free to tell us about your own online experiences (include your links!).

ALL of Our Websites Are Elite

The Best Realtor WebsitesMore real estate websites from Tour Real Estate Inc appear in the top search results than websites from any other one company, and there is a reason for that: websites from us provide the tools and resources you need to market your online presence effectively.

Other website companies offer freebie websites that don’t do a whole lot, or offer to “upgrade” your website to their specialized package of functions.

We want to let you know that our websites come in one flavor: AWESOME.

Our pricing has stayed consistent and competitive over the years; even though we now offer more functions than ever there has not been an increase in our costs in over 5 years! Fact is you can still get one of our powerful real estate websites online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for about what you would pay for a print ad to run one single time.

We offer more than just websites in a can. Our websites come with a built in powerful content management system that allows you to control your content and search engine visibility. Along with all the features that come standard with your website (like over 50 templates to choose from) we also offer great marketing tools like the ability to create your own photo tours, creation of graphical Craigslist ads, and social network publishing for your listings.

All that and more backed by some of the best customer service in the industry. When you call or email us with an issue you will receive a prompt response, not a forwarding message to some call center. We strive to make ourselves as available as possible in order to provide personal dedicated service to all of our website customers.

It’s no secret, in today’s technology driven market you’ve GOT to be online to move real estate; your website needs to be the very best it can be. That’s where we come in. Contact TourRE today to find out what we can do to help you strengthen your digital exposure.

Why you need a websiteOur Sites Excel

REALTORS: You May Be Online But Are You Social?

We’ve been preaching about blogging and leveraging social media for years; we’re glad to see so many great real estate professionals finally coming around. Despite it’s relative ease of use and wide availability however the fact is REALTORS® don’t want to be punching buttons on the computer all day, they want to be moving more real estate!

Tour Real Estate has heard your cries of frustration and in response have begun providing exceptional search engine optimization and social media management services for the real estate industry.

Our Gold Package SEO Service is an add-on service in addition to our standard real estate website services that will help improve your website’s search engine visibility and social exposure.

Here are some details regarding what the service includes:

Blogging – Blog Setup includes setup of an external blog which links to your site, an RSS pull of your listings, and multi-month blog posts targeted to your keywords.

Social Management – Setup of Twitter and Facebook Fan Pages with custom images and links to your website. Fan Pages also include conversion to the new Timeline format and a custom search tab that allows fans to search from within Facebook – driving traffic to your site! In addition to weekly posts to these social profiles we also manage and nurture your followers to help your fan count grow and to remove unwanted spambots.

Backlinks – Quality backlinks to your site come standard as part of the setup of your blog and social network profiles. Beyond that we also offer over 200 extra backlinks and in the future this functions power will grow exponentially as Gold Package customers will be available for a very special real estate marketing engine that we are developing — potentially creating thousands of high quality external links to your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – a review and consulting session on your target market includes a search engine results placement (SERP) report of your current standing in search results, as well as keyword research for your specific goals to make sure your website is optimized for the best keywords to get results.

This service is ideal for progressive real estate professionals looking to invest in their digital presence, but we realize it may not be for everyone. Some of you may already have a blog but just don’t know how to use, or simply are active on social networks but just want to understand it more.

We’re always glad to talk shop! By following this blog, or our other social profiles you can get a lot of great free info! Beyond that we can also customize a social or search engine strategy for you’re specific needs!


EXTRA EXTRA! New Homepage Module

real estate news moduleGOOD NEWS!

Tour Real Estate Inc, your provider of the best REALTOR® websites online today has just released a NEW homepage module for our modular templated websites!

The new Real Estate News module pulls top real estate based news stories direct from the pages of Yahoo! News and displays them on your homepage. This module is automatic and updates from the news source with new content as it is released! This is a great way to share real estate news with your visitors without having to crawl the news sites looking for information.

It’s easy to add – first, login to your Client Toolbox.
Click Customize Homepage Content in the menu at the left. When that page opens you will see the two boxes containing your modules, just above that click Add/Remove Default Homepage Module. Pick Real Estate News from the list and click Save Changes. The new module will now appear on your front page – revisit the Customize Homepage Content section to move the module and place it wherever you like on your page.

These little homepage modules are just some of the sort of great functions and features we are constantly developing for our real estate website customers. If you have an idea for a module you’d like to see don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re always glad to hear ideas regarding how we might better improve our services.

Stay Tuned to this blog and our other social networks for the latest news and developments from your real estate technology solutions provider, TourRE!

REALTORS: Be Wary of Fast Talkers

real estate secretsSeems like the new year always brings a fresh round of fast talkers and smoke blowers to the arena of online real estate solutions. 2012 has been no different; while we always welcome a little friendly competition we dd want to make our REALTOR® friends aware of some things that they should be cautious of.

If it sounds too good to be true, they are likely trying to sell you something.
Some tech companies come in like lions roaring and raging about the effectiveness of their websites in search engines or capturing leads. When this happens, ask them how many of their websites actually show up in the top 20 search results for your market. Find out a good average of traffic for their domains; how many leads generally come in.

We Can Make You Number One in Google!
Be especially wary of anyone promising to get you to first place in any search engine. Google specifically states that no company can promise any sort of exclusive relationship with them; as search algorithms are always changing no search results can truly be guaranteed. One sneaky tactic is for them to indeed get you to #1 in Google, but not for a phrase anyone is searching for – you see it’s easy to rank for “purple zebra hacksaws” but no one is searching for that; even if they did it certainly wouldn’t help you move real estate.

real estate syndicationWe Syndicate Your Listings to HUNDREDS of National Sites
This is one of the biggest bragged about features that we’ve seen others waving a flag for. What they don’t tell you is that many of those sites like Zillow and Trulia scrape listing data all on their own – so really they aren’t syndicating anything. They’re still glad to charge you for the service…

realtor social managementSocial Network Marketing is MORE than just Being There.
Some companies will charge hundreds of dollars just to setup a twitter or Facebook page. Once their obligation to create them is complete it’s hands off and you’re on your own. JUST having those profiles, and the little icon on your site, does absolutely nothing for you unless you are actively using those sites, and using them in a consistent and effective manner. There’s nothing more sad than visiting a twitter page and seeing “Last Tweet March 2010” or a blog with default text right where it was created.

REALTOR® websites from Tour Real Estate are affordable and effective. They are search engine friendly from the start; feature the ability for you to control your content, links, and search engine visibility. We package all the online tools you will need to market your services and showcase your listings. TourRE has been revolutionizing the way real estate is found for over 10 years, we are a local Idaho technology solutions provider; our customer service and loyalty is unparalleled.

Too busy to blog? Too tired to tweet?
We can provide cost effective REALTOR® search engine optimization and social network management. We are even glad to help you learn more about using the profiles you may already have  so that you can take control of your digital presence all on your own.

Already a TourRE client and want to make more of your site? We’re glad to help out!Contact us so we can discuss how you can improve your online visibility and gain more traffic in 2012!

Not a TourRE client? What are you waiting for?! For about the cost of a one time print ad you could have a powerfully dynamic real estate website online 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year generating better business for you and helping you move more real estate!

Why you need a websiteOur Sites Excel

Tour Window Beta: There’s a NEW Reason to Visit Your Toolbox

virtual tour betaOur virtual tours are getting a new look! As part of a major new development at Tour Real Estate we have released an initial beta version of our coming virtual tour window.



This beta release features a larger photo format, more refined screen layout, and search engine optimized coding for optimal web presence.

Tour Real Estate customers can check out this sneak peek by logging into their client toolbox and posting photos for their listings in the Photo Tour section. The photos you post there will replace the ones from MLS on your website with us in this exciting new format!

Future developments for this project include fully customizable looks to brand your tour window to you, youtube movie publishing from the photos you upload, music support, and automatic virtual tour creation of your listings as they hit the MLS! Stay tuned to this blog for developments as they occur and in the meantime feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

REALTORS: Move More Real Estate

How do you do that? By giving your website visitors what they want: real estate on demand!

Idaho real estate websitesof your website visitors are there to find homes!




REALTOR® websites from Tour Real Estate provide your visitors with a number of ways to find the properties they are looking for quickly and easily. Our data comes direct from MLS and is then fully optimized to be highly search engine visible. These searches and more come standard in all of our designs:

NEW Listings Daily

Short Sale Listings

REO/Bank Owned Listings

Your Offices Listings

Your Active Listings

Search by City,Features, and more!

It’s No Secret…

Having a elegant and functional website is the foundation of creating a successful digital presence. Beyond providing some of the most powerful and search engine friendly real estate web designs available today we are also constantly creating new tools to help you showcase your listings and services.

Create Graphical Craigslist Ads
Publish Listings to Facebook
Publish Listings to Twitter
QR Codes for EVERY Listing
Easily Link to Social Networks
Multiple Lead Capture Points