QR Codes for REALTOR Websites

realtor technologyREALTORS: The QR Codes are HERE!

Tour Real Estate Inc now provides QR codes for our REALTOR website customers! You can find QR codes several places in your Client Toolbox.

The QR Code for your main website URL is under your Personal/Team/Office Settings. Each of your listings also has it’s own QR Code in the Your Listings section.

In addition we’ve added these QR codes to our Produce Flyers function as well so you can print listing flyers with these codes to distribute!

What are QR Codes?
QR codes are similar to traditional bar codes in that they use simple color patterns to convey information digitally. These codes when scanned with a modern smart phone can include links to websites, text, or contact information. They are most commonly used in print advertising to direct mobile users to a website offer or information page; can be a great way to breathe new life into print media advertising.

Are you looking for the best REALTOR websites online today? Unhappy with your current website? Want a website that puts you in control of your content and search engine visibility? REALTOR websites from Tour Real Estate do all that and more! Contact us today to find out how we can help you strengthen your online presence.

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REALTOR Website Development: Twitter Module

REALTORS on TwitterAre you a REALTOR who is active on Twitter? Want to share your tweets on your website using our dynamic system that writes your tweets in text that search engines can read? You’re in luck!

Our new Twitter Module allows you to easily display your most recent tweet right on your homepage! To create this module on your website login to the Client Toolbox. Click Customize Homepage Content. On the page that opens you will see your homepage modules in the columns as they appear on your site. Click Add or Remove Default Homepage Modules:
On the page that opens you will see several default homepage modules. Click Twitter in the left column to move it over to the active column on the right and click Save Changes:

Once that is done click Edit Default Homepage Modules at the top of the page which will take you to where you can enter your Twitter feed URL and complete the setup:

Follow the instructions for entering your Twitter feed URL and you will be all done! Feel free to visit the main Customize Homepage Content section to arrange your homepage modules as you desire!

Just one more tool in our list of online real estate marketing tools that you can control from your Client Toolbox! Does your REALTOR website do all of these things? Does it provide lead capturing ability, craigslist ad creation, comprehensive statistics, and the ability to control your search engine visibility? If not you should contact Tour Real Estate today to see what we can do to help your with your online presence.

NEW REALTOR Craigslist Ad Looks

realtor craigslist adsWe’ve just launched four new color theme’s for our Realtor Craigslist ads!

These new looks come in four basic colors, feature a larger listing image, and still offer the great functionality as our original Craigslist ads by pulling listing remarks and details straight from the MLS.

Have Rental Listings in our system?
As many of you know Tour Real Estate offers the ability to enter your rental listings into your Client Toolbox for display on your site; with our latest release you can now advertise these rental listings with our Create Craigslist Ad function! It’s simple: just pick the look, add a subject, and choose the rental listing you want to advertise!

Not a Tour Real Estate REALTOR Website Customer?
You really are missing out on a virtual world of marketing functions and real estate tools that can help strengthen your online presence and move more real estate! We won’t stop that from letting us share this great tool with you; what many Idaho REALTORS don’t know is that EVERY agent in the IMLS has a minimal toolbox with us where they can use this Craigslist Ad function. That’s right, we’re practically giving away this useful marketing tool!

Don’t know where to find your toolbox? Ready to get serious about your REALTOR website? We can help! Contact us with any questions you may have – we’re glad to provide the best REALTOR website services online today! Click here to send us a message!

How to Create Craigslist Ads via your TourRE Toolbox

Creating graphical Craigslist ads from your TourRE Client Toolbox is easy! You pick the look, the listing, and the message – we supply you with the code to create attractive graphical Craigslist ads.

You must first be sure to have a account on Craigslist. If you do not have one create one before starting the ad making process in the toolbox.

If you already have a Craigslist account, or just created one, the next step is to login to your toolbox. Once there scroll down to the Online Tools section and click Create Craigslist Ad…

On the page that opens you can begin creating your ad. First choose the look of the ad you want to create.

Next enter a short subject for the ad. This will appear as a larger text at the top of the ad body…something like “Great Boise Home for Sale” or “Check Out my New Listing!”

Next pick one of your listings from the drop down list or enter ANY active MLS listing in the space provided. This listing information will appear in your ad along with the main photo from the listing. From here you can choose to include the remarks from MLS and/or enter your own personal message.

Once these steps are complete you can choose PREVIEW to see how the ad will appear or choose GET THE CODE to open a window where you can copy and paste the code to create your ad.

Once you have copied the code simply login to your Craigslist account, choose to POST and then the correct category (usually Real Estate for Sale).

Enter the Price, Posting Title, and Location in Craigslist.
Paste the code from your Toolbox into the space for Posting Description.
You can add additional photos if you like, or the address.
When all information is entered click CONTINUE to preview and finalize your ad.

This is just one more of the great features Tour Real Estate offers in their Client Toolbox for today’s progressive REALTOR. TourRE offers the most powerful REALTOR websites online today – through our dynamic functionality we offer REALTORS the tools they need to control their online presence and move more real estate!!

Post Craigslist Ads from TourRE

Realtor Website client can now post graphical Craigslist adsTourRE Real Estate Website Clients can now post graphical Craigslist ads right from their Toolbox!

Several graphical designs to choose from, and more to come, you can use these easy to create graphical Craigslist ads to promote a listing, or advertise your REALTOR services quickly and easily from your Client Toolbox with TourRE!

Just one more feature in our list of comprehensive web functions that allow Realtors to be in control of their online real estate marketing and get great results! Have questions ? Contact us at our main website for more details or to get info on using this great new feature! Stay tuned to TourRE for even more new exciting developments in the coming months!

Add Youtube Videos to your HomePage

Tour Real Estate Inc provides powerful Realtor websites that put you in control of your content and search engine optimization. Our modular websites support a number of premade or custom created “modules” that can be edited, moved, or deleted at will allowing you to rearrange your home page with new information and tools as you see fit. One of the great features of these modules is the ability to insert widgets and even videos. This quick guide will cover the necessary steps to create a custom home page module with a video from Youtube!


Go to the Youtube page that has the video you want to feature:

Click the EMBED box. Copy the little code that shows up in the window.

Login to your toolbox:

Click Customize Homepage Content

If you are adding this video as a NEW module click Create Custom Homepage Module at the top of the page.

On the page that opens, name your module and paste the code from Youtube into the Text/Script box. You will likely need to change the size settings. Our modules are generally about 250 pixels wide and a Youtube video tends to run 480 pixels. So anywhere you see the width and height defined adjust them accordingly…a good average is 250 pixels wide and 201 pixels high. There should be TWO places in their embed code to change this size. Once you are done hit submit.

The new video will appear on your front page as a module. You can adjust it’s placement on your landing page by moving it up and down or left and right from the main Customize Your Homepage Content section.

Realtor Websites from TourRE give you control over your digital presence in ways that no other website system can. Our property details and other internal pages are search engine friendly and easily indexed. We track listings, virtual tour, and lead capture emails to keep you constantly informed about your website performance. Don’t settle for a pre-canned website that has the same content as thousands of other Realtors, get a website that helps you move more real estate, get a Realtor website from TourRE!