EXTRA EXTRA! New Homepage Module

real estate news moduleGOOD NEWS!

Tour Real Estate Inc, your provider of the best REALTOR® websites online today has just released a NEW homepage module for our modular templated websites!

The new Real Estate News module pulls top real estate based news stories direct from the pages of Yahoo! News and displays them on your homepage. This module is automatic and updates from the news source with new content as it is released! This is a great way to share real estate news with your visitors without having to crawl the news sites looking for information.

It’s easy to add – first, login to your Client Toolbox.
Click Customize Homepage Content in the menu at the left. When that page opens you will see the two boxes containing your modules, just above that click Add/Remove Default Homepage Module. Pick Real Estate News from the list and click Save Changes. The new module will now appear on your front page – revisit the Customize Homepage Content section to move the module and place it wherever you like on your page.

These little homepage modules are just some of the sort of great functions and features we are constantly developing for our real estate website customers. If you have an idea for a module you’d like to see don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re always glad to hear ideas regarding how we might better improve our services.

Stay Tuned to this blog and our other social networks for the latest news and developments from your real estate technology solutions provider, TourRE!

Want the Best Realtor Websites Online?

realtor websitesTour Real Estate Realtor Websites are proven to be highly search engine visible and excel at generating  leads to help you move more real estate!




  • Listings are automatically added from your MLS, saving you time!
  • Manual Non MLS, Rental, and Commercial Listings Display
  • Multiple, search engine optimized, MLS Searches provides your visitors with a number of ways to search
  • Over 50 attractive template to choose from in many color themes with easy and affordable customization available
  • Hassle-free custom page  system lets you create an unlimited number of pages to showcase developments, events, or other items.
  • Easy Link Exchange management and Business Partner pages
  • And much more!

We give you all the tools you need to create a powerful online presence; we’re developing more every day! ALL of this and more is available for about the cost of a one time print advertisement. Contact Tour Real Estate Inc today to find out how we can help you start the New Year off right!

REALTORS: Move More Real Estate

How do you do that? By giving your website visitors what they want: real estate on demand!

Idaho real estate websitesof your website visitors are there to find homes!




REALTOR® websites from Tour Real Estate provide your visitors with a number of ways to find the properties they are looking for quickly and easily. Our data comes direct from MLS and is then fully optimized to be highly search engine visible. These searches and more come standard in all of our designs:

NEW Listings Daily

Short Sale Listings

REO/Bank Owned Listings

Your Offices Listings

Your Active Listings

Search by City,Features, and more!

It’s No Secret…

Having a elegant and functional website is the foundation of creating a successful digital presence. Beyond providing some of the most powerful and search engine friendly real estate web designs available today we are also constantly creating new tools to help you showcase your listings and services.

Create Graphical Craigslist Ads
Publish Listings to Facebook
Publish Listings to Twitter
QR Codes for EVERY Listing
Easily Link to Social Networks
Multiple Lead Capture Points

Plus One Your Realtor Website

plus your realtor websiteTour Real Estate’s Social Links Function Just Got Better!
Our already popular social links function and homepage module is now even better as we’ve added the ability to include Google’s new +1 button to your list of social networking profiles!

Available in your client toolbox under the Social Links link you can add the urls to your favorite major social networks like Facebook and Twitter and now you can also add this great new social recommendation button as well.

Google+1 can be used by visitors who have an active google or gmail account to recommend your site and is a powerful way to show others that you are a preferred website among your visitors. The new Google+1 button also makes a great blog post or status update! Encourage your friends and followers to visit your site and give you the +1!

Just one more great development in our expansive set of REALTOR marketing tools. Stay tuned to our blog for the latest news and functionality from your source for the best REALTOR websites online today – Tour Real Estate!

QR Codes for REALTOR Websites

realtor technologyREALTORS: The QR Codes are HERE!

Tour Real Estate Inc now provides QR codes for our REALTOR website customers! You can find QR codes several places in your Client Toolbox.

The QR Code for your main website URL is under your Personal/Team/Office Settings. Each of your listings also has it’s own QR Code in the Your Listings section.

In addition we’ve added these QR codes to our Produce Flyers function as well so you can print listing flyers with these codes to distribute!

What are QR Codes?
QR codes are similar to traditional bar codes in that they use simple color patterns to convey information digitally. These codes when scanned with a modern smart phone can include links to websites, text, or contact information. They are most commonly used in print advertising to direct mobile users to a website offer or information page; can be a great way to breathe new life into print media advertising.

Are you looking for the best REALTOR websites online today? Unhappy with your current website? Want a website that puts you in control of your content and search engine visibility? REALTOR websites from Tour Real Estate do all that and more! Contact us today to find out how we can help you strengthen your online presence.

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REALTOR Website Development: Twitter Module

REALTORS on TwitterAre you a REALTOR who is active on Twitter? Want to share your tweets on your website using our dynamic system that writes your tweets in text that search engines can read? You’re in luck!

Our new Twitter Module allows you to easily display your most recent tweet right on your homepage! To create this module on your website login to the Client Toolbox. Click Customize Homepage Content. On the page that opens you will see your homepage modules in the columns as they appear on your site. Click Add or Remove Default Homepage Modules:
On the page that opens you will see several default homepage modules. Click Twitter in the left column to move it over to the active column on the right and click Save Changes:

Once that is done click Edit Default Homepage Modules at the top of the page which will take you to where you can enter your Twitter feed URL and complete the setup:

Follow the instructions for entering your Twitter feed URL and you will be all done! Feel free to visit the main Customize Homepage Content section to arrange your homepage modules as you desire!

Just one more tool in our list of online real estate marketing tools that you can control from your Client Toolbox! Does your REALTOR website do all of these things? Does it provide lead capturing ability, craigslist ad creation, comprehensive statistics, and the ability to control your search engine visibility? If not you should contact Tour Real Estate today to see what we can do to help your with your online presence.

REALTOR Blog Tip: Use Your Listings

Tour Real Estate strives to provide the very best REALTOR websites online today. Part of that mission is to assist our customers in any way we can to better improve their content and it’s reception by visitors and search engines alike.

For a lot of today’s real estate professionals blogging is a real problem spot, either they don’t understand how it is done properly or simply don’t have the time to spend creating quality content. In this blog entry we hope to cover both of those issues by demonstrating how you can use your listings, with the text you’ve likely already created, as a useful blog entry.

Here is an example blog post using a MLS listing:

Thank you for visiting my Boise Real Estate blog! If you are looking to buy a home in Boise, this is the place to start! Check out my latest listing!

1234 Address Way
Boise, Idaho

MLS#: 12345
4 Bed
3 Bath

The rustic charm of light pine floors, open-beam, knotty pine ceilings offers a country lifestyle yet very accessible to downtown Boise and BSU in this well-established neighborhood. Large upstairs bedroom has full kitchenette and waterslide as well as separate outside entrance. Unique lighting and built-ins throughout, secret bat cave and more. A large wrap-around, covered dovered deck is an asset for summertime entertaining.

Interested in this Boise Home? Maybe you aren’t sure where to start? There has never been a better time to buy a home in Idaho – contact me Joe Realtor today to find your dream home!

— end example —

That took all of about one minute to do in all honesty. You will note that I followed some of the tips from our Write a Better Real Estate Blog entry by bolding some of my text and also adding links to my keywords…like: Boise Real Estate. Just swap those keywords out for whatever your target market is and you’re well on your way to not only creating more backlinks to your site but also driving more traffic to your site.

Good Things NOT to Do:
DON’T just post a photo or video with no text. You might as well not even blog.

DON’T forget to include keywords in your blog entry.

DON’T forget to include links to your main site in your blog entry.

DON’T duplicate or be guilty of copy and paste blogging. Search engines are changing their rules and this will soon be a costly mistake as value will be placed on the originality and actual usefulness of the blog content.

Good Things TO DO:
Write well, write often.

Link your blog to other social sites like Facebook or Twitter so when you post it gets copied there automatically.

Leverage your social sites and main site to drive traffic to your blog – it works just like a regular site; if no one knows it’s there it does little good.

Make sure if you have the ability to add an RSS feed of your listings to your blog that you do so, this helps listing visibility as well as linking.

We at Tour Real Estate understand today’s technologically driven real estate market. We provide the very best REALTOR websites online today that help put YOU the agent in control of your digital presence. Contact us today to find out how we can help you move more real estate!