About TourRE

Tour Real Estate Inc was founded in 2000 in Meridian, Idaho with one goal in mind: to create a powerful and effective platform for area real estate professionals to promote their listings. Since that time they have helped to innovate the online real estate world through their 360 virtual tours and dynamic websites.

 “We knew technology would revolutionize the way the business of real estate was done” ,said TourRE owner and president Bill Cady. “,and all of our hard work is proving just that.”

As a small Idaho based business Tour Real Estate has slowly grown from providing a few scattered websites to currently hosting hundreds of real estate websites throughout the valley and the Northwest region. The popping of the real estate bubble and the countries recession has had a particularly harsh effect on the real estate industry, but the internet has provided some reprieve.

“The internet, and the growing number of social sites like Facebook, has leveled the playing field. “,said lead marketing developer Hinsel Scott. “Even the individual real estate agent can now compete with the big players by using effective online tools.”

As their continued mission to provide the most state of the art technology Tour Real Estate has just launched a new Google map based real estate search for their website clients, in addition to their growing number of website functions. With the recession having no immediate resolution in site this small powerhouse of an IT company has redoubled their efforts to provide the real estate industry with a progressive digital arsenal to move more real estate.

Turning the real estate sector around will be a key part in our countries recovery from this recession; clearing out the inventory of foreclosure properties is just the start. For every two homes sold, one new job is created, and every home sold generates as much as $60,000 in economic activity over time.

“In these tough economic times we’ve all got to pull together,” Bill Cady consoles. “By providing these tools to real estate professionals at an affordable cost we hope to help create a tide that will raise all ships in building a brighter economic future for Idaho.”

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