Getting the Leads is Only Half the Battle

If you’ve been reading along here on our blog and practicing the tips on how to get more real estate leads you’re likely already seeing results. But once the contacts start coming in from your powerfully dynamic website, as well as your frequently updating and engaging social media portal the game isn’t over – in fact it’s just starting! Just getting the leads is half the battle, but continued and increased success doesn’t stop there. Here are some good tips on how to turn those leads into seeds and plant a stronger tomorrow.

Follow Up
First and foremost, always always follow up. That means answer the calls, return the voicemails, reply to the emails, and check the messages on your Facebook page as soon as possible. Nobody likes cold soup and nobody likes feeling like they’ve been put on the back burner, so follow up as soon as you can.

Build Your List
Those emails that come in? Those phone calls you get? Those are all potential clients, if not now then in the future. Not everyone you come in contact with is going to be ready to use your services, and even then not everyone is going to be ready to use them right NOW. So get organized! You should be saving and creating a list of every email inquiry you receive in order to do future newsletters and mailings. The same goes for phone numbers, keep a good record of names, dates, and the number so you can circle back every so often – even a warmed over call is better than a completely cold call.

Take It To The Real World
You’ve got a potential client that you’ve made contact with, or maybe even spoken with a bit over the phone and you’re confident they’re ready to make the move. There’s no reason to keep things strictly online! In this day it’s easy to throw out an email and forget about it – just like it’s easy to delete them without opening them – and that makes real world contact a powerful thing. It might be a matter of doing some planning to see where your recently gathered leads all exist and doing a good old fashioned door knocking campaign in that area, or maybe even setting up a coffee meet and greet nearby.

Do The Turn Around
Don’t think that only new leads need to be nurtured. Fact is if you stay in the industry long much of your clientele will be repeat clients and referrals more than anything else – so treat those previous clients like the gold they are! Touch base from time to time just to check in, shake the bushes a little bit to see if they know anyone who could benefit from your services, and make sure to foster the idea that you are a professional who is available to help them long after the transaction itself is done.

Be Diligent, But Be Patient
Don’t panic if you’re not the next real estate mogul in your first year, success takes time. There are no “dead leads” only leads that aren’t nurtured properly or for whom timing isn’t right. Think long and hard before deleting any info from your leads list as you can never tell when a past contact might become a future prospect – especially if you’re actively working to remain in the forefront of their minds. Remember, there is no down time: you should either be actively marketing to gather leads, or actively working to engage them.

You can’t keep dropping the ball and expect to score. One of the best ways to stay in the game is to have an active, easy to use, and highly visible real estate website that you can use to promote your services and to provide an unparalleled tool for your clients. If you don’t have a website currently, or are unhappy with it’s performance, we would love to help! Contact us today to find out more about all of the exceptional real estate technology solutions we provide!

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