REALTORS: What’s Your Brand?

What’s your brand?
Do you even know?
Have you distilled the very essence of your “you-ness” into a potion of concentrated awesome ready to hit the shelves?

Why is that?
With market saturation at an all time high and only increasing the fact of the matter is that the consumer, your potential client, has their choice of where to find real estate these days.

Brand awareness is key to building a dedicated audience supporting your success and boosting your efforts beyond mediocrity. Fortunately social media allows you to build a unique presence for yourself from the ground up! Consider these tips to brand yourself!

Stand Out
There are more than 1 million real estate agents holding membership with the National Association of Realtors. What is it that’s going to make someone choose you?

Will it be a history of proven results, a familiarity with the area or market? Some special service or marketing plan? ALWAYS wearing purple? There are any number of ways to stand apart from the competition. Think about what you do that other agents don’t, then let your audience know about it.

Use Technology
Millennials are changing the face of real estate, and they were born to technology, molded by it…

Over 80% of potential home buyers “cyber-stalk” their agent long before they ever make contact. You need to be highly visible online, even if it’s only by ranking well for searches on your own name, or brokerage.

Beyond saving time, energy, and foot work, technology resources are tools of the trade that when used properly can have stunning effect. If you’re not using them, you need to be. If you’re not providing them for your clients, you should be.

You need to do more than simply have a website and forget about it; just because you are “online” doesn’t mean you have an active and viable presence. Obviously, a major part of that online presence includes central website you control; having a sub-par website, then letting it sit untouched, will actually do you ( and your visitors ) a disservice and may make you look unprofessional – damaging your brand.

Care About Your Community
Your community is a great place to find your client base, to do good for others, and also boost your brand awareness. With very little searching it’s generally not very hard to find any number of local civic or social groups of which you can be a part.

Get to know your community and how you can help the people there best. Despite the power of technology real world face-to-face referrals and interactions are still one of the surest ways to improve visibility for your services.

Be Consistent
Whether you are online or off, be consistent in how you represent yourself. Online this means evoking a familiar and identifiable style of content. Offline this might actually mean always wearing that purple hat, or simply by the manner in which you carry yourself or the type of events and organizations you associate with.

Increasing awareness for your brand increases the equity of trust people will place in your services, leading to a greater audience as well as an overall easier sales process when you connect with potential clients.

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