REALTORS: Think you don’t need a website…?

With the economy still in a sluggish state the cost of doing business seems like it’s at an all time high and this leaves many real estate professionals looking at whether they can afford to maintain their online presence, or if it’s even worth doing so.

The fact is that just having a website – even if you decide to “set it to flow and let it go” – has become almost EXPECTED if you are going to be in the business. Much the way business cards are still, or the way yellow book ads once were, so a website is today.

Now, it’s no secret, Tour Real Estate Inc offers some of the most powerfully dynamic real estate websites on the planet. Our sites feature full content control, social media integration, and multiple great listing marketing tools. But even if you choose to simply have us set up a website and you never touch it again ( which we really don’t recommend for the best results! ) there are a myriad of reasons to at least have a website.

Over 80% of potential home buyers and sellers begin looking online before they ever even think of talking to a REALTOR®. Much like the lottery, if you aren’t playing you have NO chance to win your share of this market.


Keep up with the competition. Just about every agent or office with any clout has finally gotten hip to the internet “fad”. To even hope to break even with your local competition you need to be online. Without at least the facade of technology on your side buyers and sellers are a lot less likely to take you seriously – or be able to even find you at all.


Better exposure. For your listings, for your services, for your clients homes! By having a website you are able to add one more visible place to present your listings, and to leverage potential sellers. The internet is recognized as one of the top ways to advertise and your clients know this. Would YOU hire a real estate agent that wasn’t using all of the latest available methods to help you when it came time to buy or sell?


Your Broker will love you. Did you know that by linking to your office website you are helping them gain better exposure online? It’s true! What’s more by having a TourRE website you can automatically display listings from your office, helping gain digital exposure for every single listing they have. Tell the boss we said they owe you lunch!


the market won't come to youExpand your market. The internet is a global network. Your website is visible far beyond the local area you serve. By customizing our already powerful website functions you can expand your potential marketing reach to include people looking to relocate to your area. Add social media into the mix and you can exponentially increase this benefit.


dolla dolla bills ya'llSave time and money. A real estate website allows you to showcase your listings, your offices listings, HUD’s, Bank owned homes, and the newest listings with absolutely NO effort on your part. Those resources are there 24/7 for clients and potential clients to make use of. Having a site online allows you to turn even quick handshakes into possible leads – you may not have more than a moment to talk to someone but it’s always easy to say “Hey if you need to search for homes here’s a place where you can do it for FREE…”

But WAIT. Isn’t having a website actually COSTING me money?  Well, yes it is, but how much more time and expense could it be saving you? Rather than having to hit the streets wasting gas, or spend cash on print ads, or spend time researching listings you can send clients to your site where they can find out all they need to know. When actively used as a marketing tool a website can free up countless hours of time and hundreds of dollars in costs. In addition, by having so much automated by your site you can provide a much higher level of service with nominal effort.

The list goes on but after these key points is there really any reason to question the fact? If you are in the business of real estate you need to be online.

TourRE is glad to be a part of the return of real estate! For over 10 years we’ve been at the forefront of real estate technology and are excited to continue to grow by helping agents and offices reach their full potential online. We offer a variety of services including templated and custom web designs, as well as social media management for REALTORS®, lead capture websites, virtual tours, and more. Contact us when you’re ready to get in the game, or, if you’re already playing along talk to us to see how we can improve your score!

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