Brokers: Increase Your Search Engine Visibility

real estate seoThere are a number of great reasons why real estate office sites from Tour Real Estate excel, from their powerfully dynamic content control to a myriad of social media and listing tools. But did you know that by encouraging your agents to have their own individual agent websites with us you can exponentially increase the number of backlinks to your office website? It’s TRUE!

By using our built-in link exchange function you can create links in the footer of your website to all of your agent websites (giving them a powerful seo boost) as well as have each of them include links in the same way to your office website (giving your office potentially hundreds of backlinks as well).

As all of our websites have a number of standard pages, as well as thousands of pages of listing results, by placing links in the footer of your website with the Link Exchange function you can create a massive flow of external links between websites.

Backlinks are one of the key SEO factors that help determine your website’s placement in search engine results. Increasing the number of these type of links can help provide a more robust link flow to your office website and to your agents individual sites.

Have questions about REALTOR® SEO? Not sure where to start? Don’t understand search engine optimization or social media? We can help! Our team here at TourRE understand search engines and how they work. We can provide exceptional search engine and social marketing strategies to help improve your online presence. Contact us today to find out what we can do to help you move more real estate!

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