REALTORS: Write a Better Real Estate Blog

write a better real estate blogSo you’ve finally put away the walk man and stopped tight-rolling your jeans and decided to jump on the social media band wagon.

While it’s never too late to get started making changes for the better, if you are just now getting started you are already behind the game. It is therefore important that the content you are putting out there be as strong as it can be.

For those brave souls daring the universe by taking their own social management in hand (the way honestly, it should be) there can be a long, confusing, and often frustrating road ahead. We’ve gotten a little too used to instant gratification online; sadly getting results from your search engine optimization and social media marketing is very rarely an instant process.

Where do I even start?!

One of the most effective ways to improve traffic, share information, and get better search engine visibility is through blogging – this is especially true when you syndicate your blog to other profiles like a Facebook Fan Page.  With blogging, much like anything else, there is a vast difference between simply doing it and doing it well.

Here are some tips to help you write a better real estate blog…again.

1 – JUST having a blog or social profile doesn’t DO anything.
There is no set it and forget it in social media unless you are paying someone to do it for you. If you are not putting content into your blog on a regular basis, or interacting on your social profiles you may as well not even have them. There’s nothing that looks worse than visiting a blog or social profile and seeing “Last Update March 11,2009”.

2 – A single sentence, link, photo, or paragraph does not a blog make.
Writing just a single sentence or posting a photo by itself as a blog “post”  really isn’t going to help your search engine standing much. By posting one liners like this you kill your blogs power to create more keyword density, and to provide any kind of value to your visitor.

3 – Write well. Write frequently.
This means actually writing your own content. This does not mean copying and pasting a blog or news article from some other source (even if you credit the author) – this means actually typing out the words that come from your own mind.  It’s fine to reference outside sources, and even link out to them, but make sure you have at least a couple solid paragraphs of your own creation there to back them up. The next step is to write frequently – the more often your blog is updated the more frequently search engine spiders will visit it looking for new content.

4 – Keywords Keywords Keywords. Did I say Keywords yet?
Frequent blogging is great, and key to gaining better exposure, but chances are if you are guilty of #2 and #3 you’re probably not putting any keywords in your content either. Keywords are the words or phrases you want people to type into a search engine to find you – by including them in your text content you increase the level of relevancy search engines give you for those words. So it’s important to have them somewhere in your text. Don’t over stuff your posts with them, but make sure they do show up.

5 – Tag em and bag em.
If you are on the WordPress blogging platform, or if your blog supports the use of TAGS and CATEGORIES make sure you use and include these with every post; make sure they are relevant to the content you are creating and your keywords. By using tags and categories (which generally appear with each post) you don’t have to worry as much about including keywords in your blog post text; these elements provide great organizational abilities so that visitors can find information on the specific topics that interest them.

Where do I go from here?

Once you’ve got these details down you can do other things to help your blog gain exposure like submitting it to sites like Digg and StumbleUpon. There are also any number of social networks out there that let you publish blogs on their systems as well, so take what you’ve blogged,  write a short intro for it and then link to it from those other sources as well – like Merchantcircle, Activerain, and LinkedIn.

Still have questions about writing a better real estate blog? Just don’t have time to blog on your own? Either way we are glad to help out – contact us and let use know what we can do to be of service!

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