REALTOR Websites: We Make them More than Templates

real estate web designJust because you have a template website doesn’t mean you’re at a disadvantage – especially if that template website comes from Tour Real Estate Inc. We have over 50 different looks from you to choose from, most in several color themes, giving you the opportunity to choose a look that suits you. ALL of our template websites can be modified by our users to be more effective in search engines; by putting in just a little extra time you can gain a competitive edge on your competition.

1 – Meta Tag Administration. By going into this section of your toolbox you can control the title,keywords,and description for nearly every page on your site. Follow the guidelines described here to learn more about properly entering meta-data.

2 – Add Alt-Tags. If you website template uses our homepage modules go into the Customize Your Homepage section of your toolbox and edit the modules you find there. Under the edit function for each module you will find a space for “alt tags”. Enter link relevant keyword text in this space.

3 – Edit your homepage text. Under your Personal/Team/Office settings you can enter a few paragraphs of text – make sure it is keyword rich. In addition go in and edit the text on all of the default homepage modules, by entering your own unique and keyword rich text in these spaces you will help your website stand out to visitors and search engines alike.

4 – Social Links. Go to the social links area in your toolbox and enter the URLs for any social networks you may be active on. If you do not have accounts on these social networks it is a good idea to create them and become familiar with using them.

5 – Get More Links. How many links from outside sources point to your website can be a big factor in it’s search engine visibility. Therefore it is a good idea to have as many links as you can pointed to you. Make sure all your social profiles have links to your main website on them, get friends who have websites to add a link to your site, comment on other websites/blogs and include a link, enter your links on any of the hundreds of free  directories online. It is best to only exchange reciprocal links with other websites of high quality but ANY link pointed to you is better than none at all. The Link Exchange section of your toolbox will allow you to easily create, edit, and manage your link exchanges with other sites.

These are just a brief Top 5 things you can do to start improving your templated REALTOR website. There are any number of other things that can be done to help promote your digital  presence; we’re always glad to talk with our REALTOR website clients to see how we can help them make the most out of their websites with us. We aren’t going to blow a lot of smoke and tell you that your website will change your world, but it CAN be one of your most valuable and cost effective marketing tools – and when it comes down to it a real estate website is just that, a tool, if you use it you will see results, if you don’t it will lay there and rust.

Contact Tour Real Estate today if you need help using your website with us, or if you are a real estate professional looking for a highly functional and powerful web presence.

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