REALTORS: One More Way Our Sites Work for YOU

real estate map searchIn today’s challenging real estate market one of the most critical parts of your website is the ability for your visitors to search for homes. Relocators and looky-loos aside your visitors are generally coming to your site for one reason: to find and view real estate.

That being said it is thereby important that your site itself be easy to navigate and your real estate searches be easy to use. But there’s more to it than that – in today’s search engine driven market it’s essential that your listing results and search pages also be search engine friendly.

Most IDX feeds will get you your data, but sadly most are less than optimized, or don’t get indexed at all by search engines – this could be robbing you of valuable listing traffic; hamstringing your ability to showcase your properties.

Tour Real Estate Inc, your provider of exceptional online real estate marketing tools is proud to let you know that our website clients enjoy not only a robust display of images and MLS details, but also fully optimized, search engine friendly listing and search pages.

Through the use of powerful dynamically written code we are able to make sure that your listings will be found in search engine results more often by optimizing the available data content – with NO extra effort from you!

**Real Estate Market Dirty Secret: MANY real estate website companies make a big show of popular national logos, claiming that they “syndicate” your listings across the country – FACT is those national sites like Trulia and Zillow go out and get that data all on their own…Don’t fall for smoke and mirrors, TourRE gets you results without all the techno-mumbo-jumbo!

If you make your visitors jump through firey rings just to be able to search for homes don’t be surprised if they start looking elsewhere. If your site is hard to use, or your searches don’t function well we can tell you there are hundreds of other sites for them to choose from with working, search engine friendly, searches.

In the end, the easier you make it for people to search for homes, the better and the easier it is for search engines to find those listings the more people will find them also. Tour Real Estate Inc provides some of the best real estate websites online – contact us to find out how we can start helping you move more real estate today!


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