REALTORS Publish Your Listings to Facebook and Twitter

affordable realtor websitesTour Real Estate makes it easier than ever to publish your listings to Facebook and Twitter!

We love seeing our REALTOR website clients making the most of the internet by leveraging social networks; we love giving them the tools to make it happen!

As one more part of that passion we’ve made it possible for our clients to send their listings directly to today’s most exciting social networks!

Simply login to your Client Toolbox, click Your Listings on the left, choose the listing you want to publish by clicking it’s MLS ID; on the page that opens click the Facebook or Twitter icons. You will then be prompted to login to those systems like you normally would and even include a customizable message with the post!

Are you a real estate professional who is harnessing the power of social networking to move more real estate? We’d love to hear from you! Share your success stories with us on our Tour Real Estate Fan Page.

Not on the social networks yet? Are you confused regarding how you can use social network marketing?  We can help! Contact TourRE today for the best in REALTOR social network marketing!

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