REALTOR Website Development: Twitter Module

REALTORS on TwitterAre you a REALTOR who is active on Twitter? Want to share your tweets on your website using our dynamic system that writes your tweets in text that search engines can read? You’re in luck!

Our new Twitter Module allows you to easily display your most recent tweet right on your homepage! To create this module on your website login to the Client Toolbox. Click Customize Homepage Content. On the page that opens you will see your homepage modules in the columns as they appear on your site. Click Add or Remove Default Homepage Modules:
On the page that opens you will see several default homepage modules. Click Twitter in the left column to move it over to the active column on the right and click Save Changes:

Once that is done click Edit Default Homepage Modules at the top of the page which will take you to where you can enter your Twitter feed URL and complete the setup:

Follow the instructions for entering your Twitter feed URL and you will be all done! Feel free to visit the main Customize Homepage Content section to arrange your homepage modules as you desire!

Just one more tool in our list of online real estate marketing tools that you can control from your Client Toolbox! Does your REALTOR website do all of these things? Does it provide lead capturing ability, craigslist ad creation, comprehensive statistics, and the ability to control your search engine visibility? If not you should contact Tour Real Estate today to see what we can do to help your with your online presence.


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