REALTOR Blog Tip: Use Your Listings

Tour Real Estate strives to provide the very best REALTOR websites online today. Part of that mission is to assist our customers in any way we can to better improve their content and it’s reception by visitors and search engines alike.

For a lot of today’s real estate professionals blogging is a real problem spot, either they don’t understand how it is done properly or simply don’t have the time to spend creating quality content. In this blog entry we hope to cover both of those issues by demonstrating how you can use your listings, with the text you’ve likely already created, as a useful blog entry.

Here is an example blog post using a MLS listing:

Thank you for visiting my Boise Real Estate blog! If you are looking to buy a home in Boise, this is the place to start! Check out my latest listing!

1234 Address Way
Boise, Idaho

MLS#: 12345
4 Bed
3 Bath

The rustic charm of light pine floors, open-beam, knotty pine ceilings offers a country lifestyle yet very accessible to downtown Boise and BSU in this well-established neighborhood. Large upstairs bedroom has full kitchenette and waterslide as well as separate outside entrance. Unique lighting and built-ins throughout, secret bat cave and more. A large wrap-around, covered dovered deck is an asset for summertime entertaining.

Interested in this Boise Home? Maybe you aren’t sure where to start? There has never been a better time to buy a home in Idaho – contact me Joe Realtor today to find your dream home!

— end example —

That took all of about one minute to do in all honesty. You will note that I followed some of the tips from our Write a Better Real Estate Blog entry by bolding some of my text and also adding links to my keywords…like: Boise Real Estate. Just swap those keywords out for whatever your target market is and you’re well on your way to not only creating more backlinks to your site but also driving more traffic to your site.

Good Things NOT to Do:
DON’T just post a photo or video with no text. You might as well not even blog.

DON’T forget to include keywords in your blog entry.

DON’T forget to include links to your main site in your blog entry.

DON’T duplicate or be guilty of copy and paste blogging. Search engines are changing their rules and this will soon be a costly mistake as value will be placed on the originality and actual usefulness of the blog content.

Good Things TO DO:
Write well, write often.

Link your blog to other social sites like Facebook or Twitter so when you post it gets copied there automatically.

Leverage your social sites and main site to drive traffic to your blog – it works just like a regular site; if no one knows it’s there it does little good.

Make sure if you have the ability to add an RSS feed of your listings to your blog that you do so, this helps listing visibility as well as linking.

We at Tour Real Estate understand today’s technologically driven real estate market. We provide the very best REALTOR websites online today that help put YOU the agent in control of your digital presence. Contact us today to find out how we can help you move more real estate!

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