How to Create Craigslist Ads via your TourRE Toolbox

Creating graphical Craigslist ads from your TourRE Client Toolbox is easy! You pick the look, the listing, and the message – we supply you with the code to create attractive graphical Craigslist ads.

You must first be sure to have a account on Craigslist. If you do not have one create one before starting the ad making process in the toolbox.

If you already have a Craigslist account, or just created one, the next step is to login to your toolbox. Once there scroll down to the Online Tools section and click Create Craigslist Ad…

On the page that opens you can begin creating your ad. First choose the look of the ad you want to create.

Next enter a short subject for the ad. This will appear as a larger text at the top of the ad body…something like “Great Boise Home for Sale” or “Check Out my New Listing!”

Next pick one of your listings from the drop down list or enter ANY active MLS listing in the space provided. This listing information will appear in your ad along with the main photo from the listing. From here you can choose to include the remarks from MLS and/or enter your own personal message.

Once these steps are complete you can choose PREVIEW to see how the ad will appear or choose GET THE CODE to open a window where you can copy and paste the code to create your ad.

Once you have copied the code simply login to your Craigslist account, choose to POST and then the correct category (usually Real Estate for Sale).

Enter the Price, Posting Title, and Location in Craigslist.
Paste the code from your Toolbox into the space for Posting Description.
You can add additional photos if you like, or the address.
When all information is entered click CONTINUE to preview and finalize your ad.

This is just one more of the great features Tour Real Estate offers in their Client Toolbox for today’s progressive REALTOR. TourRE offers the most powerful REALTOR websites online today – through our dynamic functionality we offer REALTORS the tools they need to control their online presence and move more real estate!!


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    1. Thanks for the comment Jake/Castlerock Neigborhoods. We appreciate you taking the time to comment – with any luck we’ll be expanding into Colorado before too long – in the meantime, please enjoy the free link juice! 😀

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