It’s Not News: Print is Dead!

There was a time when anyone who was anyone could be found in the Yellow pages. If you had a business and you weren’t in the big yellow book you might as well have not even in been in business – after all if they can’t find your company in the golden pages of knowledge how would they ever find you or even know you were in business!?

It has become very much the same with websites these days. Today over 80% of all potential home buyers look for a REALTOR and a home online before they ever even start looking around in real life. To reach this huge audience of potential clients you must be online and your website must be the very best it can be.

Tour Real Estate has been providing the very best in REALTOR websites and online solutions for over a decade. We have help revolutionize the way real estate is found and sold online. Our REALTOR websites contain powerful tools and functionality to help you market your brand online and showcase your listings for an international audience.

Why pay hundreds of dollars for a print ad to run once, that may or may not even be seen by your intended viewers when you could have a website online 24 hours a day seven days a week showcasing your services and listings for less than the same cost?

REALTOR websites from Tour Real Estate allow you full control over your digital presence:

Create unlimited custom pages!

Capture leads from multiple pages!

Buyer/Seller Tips and Area Info pages built in standard!

Control Search Engine Visibility!

Create graphical Craigslist Ads Easily…and much more!

In this day and age, no matter how big or small your business might be you simply can not afford to be without at least a nominal web presence. As standard as business cards and yellow page ads were in previous decades, so are websites in today’s market.

Are you looking to create a powerful online presence to showcase your services and move more real estate? Do you already have a website but are finding it to be a bit lacking in providing leads or generating business? Tour Real Estate can help you strengthen your digital presence or help you get started in creating a website that will get results. Contact us today to find out more about the best in REALTOR Websites today!


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