Marketing YOUR Realtor Services Effectively

The internet has changed the game in real estate and for over the last decade Tour Real Estate has been a big part of that change. Honestly, did you ever think back in 1999 that more than 80% of all home sales would begin on the internet? Fact is, that day came long ago, yet still most of the real estate agent base continues to miss out on internet generated sales. This shows while new technology can be effective, like any other tool it must be used properly in order to gain the best results — after all you wouldn’t try to cut down a tree with a hammer, now would you?

So how can it be that over 80% of all home sales start online and yet 90% of all Realtors are unhappy with their online marketing results? Part of it comes down to the simple fact that many do not understand how to use these powerful tools effectively – they are trying to hammer nails with their saw instead of using it to cut wood. Another reason may be that many Realtors think that simply being online, just having a website and using it as a digital business card, is enough; this is a concept that went out the window over 5 years ago. Lastly, many are relying on the free websites and services provided to them by their brokerages to market themselves, instead of leveraging their own individual services via their own website; this can be a costly mistake.

Here’s a few things you need to know:

1. A Strong Brand Leads to Success
No, sorry. When there were only a few hundred available real estate websites online that may have been the case. And while having a good, recognizable brand is still good practice it’s not going to make or break your success – you simply will not be the next Nike of real estate, and even if you are it will not guarantee your online success. Never before has so much information been so available from so many different portals. What’s more with the downfall of so many big business companies, the consumer market is turning quickly to a preference to working with individuals rather than corporate entities. If you are still heavily marketing your corporate brand you’ve got to ask yourself: who is REALLY benefiting from it?

2. Trust your corporate IT department for the best results.
Uhm, no. The corporate IT department is hired by the company, not you, thereby while maintaining your website might fall under their responsibilities insuring the success of your website does not. A website that is designed to be successful for YOU by marketing YOUR listings and services will logically benefit you, not the corporation and thusly it may be a good idea to manage that yourself or hire a company that is your advocate online rather than your brokerages. Corporate has different goals than you do. Corporate isn’t looking to protect your marketplace for you, they are looking to protect your marketplace for them. Use whatever website or marketing your office provides for you, but by all means don’t rely on that alone – by controlling and marketing your own individual Realtor services you can very often out-perform the big business brokerages all on your own.

3. Getting all the technology you can guarantees success.
USING the technology you have is the best method, and even then success is not guaranteed. Regardless of your marketing, your technology, or anything else the fact remains that good Realtors sell houses, nothing else. In the end it will always come down to face to face time and how you help your clients achieve their goals. The technology and marketing can help you find them, bring them in, and make them clients but YOU and you alone will be the biggest selling factor.

You can have video, $50,000 websites, designers bleeding you of thousands of dollars each month, lead management systems, and more — and fail completely. Why? Because all that is worthless if you have no leads or don’t know how to manage them! Most Realtor websites do not provide users with a way to capture leads, much less manage them the way a Tour Real Estate Realtor website does. Agents are tired of fruitless efforts to make their online marketing work and more often, they are simply hiring someone else to do that for them rather than taking their digital presence in hand themselves. It is vitally important that YOU have some level of control over your website, its marketing, and what gets done with the leads that come from it – you can not depend on your company to bring in the leads for you and no amount of technology will do it for you as effectively as you yourself may be able to with some guidance from REAL online marketing experts.

The internet has leveled the playing field and as such you should embrace it and use all the valuable tools it can provide to leverage your Realtor services. In this day and age the individual agent is no longer the little guy, but has the real ability to compete with the big names – provided they have the website and technology that allows them to do so, and the motivation to put in the effort any successful task requires.

Online marketing success comes down to a few things:

  • Maintain a good marketing platform with information available to the consumer upon request; provide them with the information and tools they require.
  • Make certain that people searching the web for homes can find your site. Make sure once they get there they can find what they want easily.
  • Drive traffic through effective online marketing and convert visitors to your site into registrations – and follow up on those leads personally.

There are any number of ways to achieve these tasks above, and we are glad to assist our Realtor Website customers in understanding those methods.  The first step is to use a Realtor website system that puts you in control of your content, search engine visibility, and lead management like the ones provided by Tour Real Estate Inc. Even if you already have a corporate provided website, or a freebie website with some other company, the benefits of having a powerful Realtor website from TourRe as your main marketing portal are too numerous to mention here briefly and we encourage you to visit our website for more details on the numerous services we offer.

Get in control of your digital presence, learn from the experts at TourRE how to best market your services online and before long your broker may be coming to you asking for advice on how they can see results like you have!

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