Add Youtube Videos to your HomePage

Tour Real Estate Inc provides powerful Realtor websites that put you in control of your content and search engine optimization. Our modular websites support a number of premade or custom created “modules” that can be edited, moved, or deleted at will allowing you to rearrange your home page with new information and tools as you see fit. One of the great features of these modules is the ability to insert widgets and even videos. This quick guide will cover the necessary steps to create a custom home page module with a video from Youtube!


Go to the Youtube page that has the video you want to feature:

Click the EMBED box. Copy the little code that shows up in the window.

Login to your toolbox:

Click Customize Homepage Content

If you are adding this video as a NEW module click Create Custom Homepage Module at the top of the page.

On the page that opens, name your module and paste the code from Youtube into the Text/Script box. You will likely need to change the size settings. Our modules are generally about 250 pixels wide and a Youtube video tends to run 480 pixels. So anywhere you see the width and height defined adjust them accordingly…a good average is 250 pixels wide and 201 pixels high. There should be TWO places in their embed code to change this size. Once you are done hit submit.

The new video will appear on your front page as a module. You can adjust it’s placement on your landing page by moving it up and down or left and right from the main Customize Your Homepage Content section.

Realtor Websites from TourRE give you control over your digital presence in ways that no other website system can. Our property details and other internal pages are search engine friendly and easily indexed. We track listings, virtual tour, and lead capture emails to keep you constantly informed about your website performance. Don’t settle for a pre-canned website that has the same content as thousands of other Realtors, get a website that helps you move more real estate, get a Realtor website from TourRE!


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