Write a Better Real Estate Blog

Do you agonize over blogging, trying to create new content, and get frustraited with not seeing any returns? There are a number of technical things that can drive more traffic to your blog, but the best place to start is in what you are writing itself.

If you are marketing your blog correctly you will provide a short hook on one of your social portals (Facebook, Twitter, Tumlbr etc) that will encite curiousity or interest and prompt people to visit your blog for the full story.

Fact is though, we live in a fast paced world and most people just want to get the info, and get out.

It becomes your job as a blogger (especially if you are a frequent writer) to provide your visitors with the info they need, in a format that is easy to take in, and get them back out either to your site or on their way to hitting that bookmark/subscribe button. Here are some great tips to help you make your content more effective.

Stay clear with your topic of choice for every blog post. No need to wander off and talk about the time your uncles cousins sisters brother took you fishing. Visitors will be in and out of your blog in seconds if they don’t find what they want…and it won’t be to your site or the subscribe button.

“Message To your Market”. If your target market is first time home buyers in Idaho it wouldn’t do you much good to write a complex article talking about the statistical reasons for the .5% change in some obscure rate. They won’t understand. They will be gone to another site or blog that has the info they want.

You can even go so far as to underline words too! USE your text styling options to make your content more accessible. Use bold and italics to highlight important keywords and concepts. Underline words or phrases to show particular importance.

Following the idea of using the styling of bold,italic, and underline: make your content very easy to browse through quickly, find key points and ideas, and get on to the next. Most people these days don’t read. They want the pretty picture and little else. Therefore having content that is concise and easy to scan over with the eye makes good sense.

The Best Realtor Websites

Use images to break up the text on your blog or site. Pictures provide visual interest and help make a bunch of boobally text more readable, and actually maybe even interesting. (besides which you SHOULD use your keywords and insert ALT tags on your images where possible)

Write short, precise paragraphs, even if you have a lot to say. Break it down into something more easily read. There is very little more daunting to most web users than to hit a site that is just one huge long run-on sentence. By breaking your paragraphs into shorter sections you make it a lot more accessible to your visitors.

Keep it clear, make it concise, and write pertinent, creative, content and you will be far ahead of the game in gaining repeat visitors to your blog and driving traffic to your other websites.

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