Realtor Website Mistakes

Tour Real Estate Inc has been specializing in the best real estate websites for over a decade. Our focus is on creating the most effective, customizable Realtor and Real Estate office websites online today. Don’t fall for fast talking web marketeers throwing out hype words that likely they and you do not understand. TourRE helped coin most of those phrases, we know how they work, and how to use them effectively – we do one thing, Real Estate Websites, and we do them extremely well. Here are some of the top mistakes to avoid when considering your website design or redesign:

Forced Logins
Take a lesson from Google: charge for a service or force registration and lose customers – give information away and make clients for life. There are literally thousands upon thousands of real estate websites online, chances are if a visitor is forced to login or give out info they don’t want to they will be off of your site and on to a site that offers the info or services for free in a matter of seconds. If you simply MUST have lead capturing make sure it is optional, brief, or at least offer some quality information or content to your visitors in exchange for the personal information you are requesting from them.

Pretty Pictures with Little Text Content
Content is STILL king. A pretty picture, or flash slideshow will do nothing for your website in search engine results. Fact is it may actually be hurting your placement. If you must have large image banners on your landing page be sure to include some kind of keyword rich text content ( or blog feed) below the scroll line of the page. The days of Realtors smiling stock photos, pictures of agents standing in a field and other trite graphics do little to offer visual interest to your website, and may actually make your website feel alot more impersonal. What will visitors think when they see the same smiling Judy Agent on your site that they saw on 10 other sites that day?

No Meta Data
Meta-tags have been somewhat depreciated in value to your search engine placement but they still can change how search engines see your site. Having proper, keyword focused, meta-data is the very first most basic thing to create when setting up your website.Realtor websites from TourRE provide FULL meta-data control, allowing for unique keywords, titles, and descriptions for every page on your website.

Expecting Your Website to Magically Run Itself
Your website will not work automatically to change the way you do business or pull in hundreds of potential clients. It’s simple logic: You get OUT what you put IN. If you have a website and put nothing into it ( or have no one managing it ) it is a stagnant hole in cyberspace, doing nothing for you or your business. TourRE provides an extremely detailed toolbox for our clients to control nearly every aspect of their website to make it a living breathing creation. We can integrate social networks and blogs into your Realtor website to further your marketing power and turn traffic into investment returns.

There is NO Replacement for Quality Design
A website should be a living breathing thing; we make controlling your content easy. Your website must not only be visually appealing but technically functional. Realtor websites from TourRE feature both of these requirements, combining elegant design and powerful code that are proven to get results. We have been working with Realtors for years and understand the markets and what drives them as well as the most current trends in web design and online marketing.

The best way to avoid these mistakes: Get a Realtor website from TourRE. We can design custom looks to suit any need and our templated websites offer an amazing amount of custom control that allows you to create your own powerfully optimized text and image content — all for about the cost of a one time print ad. Our Realtor Websites are more than the same pre-canned design other companies serve out over and over to all their clients — why pay hundreds of dollars for the your competition has?! Realtor Websites from TourRE give you REAL control over what visitors and search engines see.

Before you shell out wads of cash for a Realtor website or redesign to a company that offers much less, contact TourRE. We can provide cost effective, powerful, Realtor websites and online marketing to help you move more real estate for a fraction of what others will charge for a lesser service.


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