How to setup a Facebook Fan Page

How to setup a Facebook Fan Page
by Hinsel Scott for TourRE
not for redistribution without permission.

Sign in to your regular Facebook account.

On the main landing page you will see Ads and Pages in the left sidebar. Click it.

On the page that opens you will see pages you currently admin. You can create a new page at the top right by clicking + Create Page

On this page select the criteria that meet your needs. (Likely local business). And then enter your page name. This is set in stone so make sure the spelling is correct and the name is exactly what you want to appear – there is NO way to reset this once it is chosen.

Your Fan Page is now created. Click the ? image to upload your fan page picture. Write something about your fan page/services in the info box under the photo as well.

You will also want to click the INFO tab and enter any contact info, websites or other info that you want to display in that section.

Next you can begin more advanced features like adding Static FBML to your page, adding admins, and other various settings by clicking EDIT PAGE under the fan page photo.

From this edit page section you can choose what page visitors initially land on, view insights to track visitor data, and add applications. You will likely want to add Static FBML to your fan page – this application allows you to add photos and text to custom tabs on your fan page. Some HTML knowledge is required, so if you aren’t familiar with writing code you may want to consult a qualified HTML expert.

To add Static FBML just type it in the search bar at the top, visit the page and “Add Static FBML” to your fan page. The settings for this application will then be editable from your main Edit Page section by clicking (edit) next to the application name.

*search for Static FBML. Visit their page, add it to your fan page from there.

From your main fan page don’t forget to Suggest to Friends – this is how you let others know you have a fan page and encourage them to join!

Once you have 25+ fans from your fan page you can go to to pick out a customized URL for your fan page like

Not only will using a Fan Page keep you within the Terms of Use for Facebook but it allows you to add visual interest for your visitors as well as text and links that can be indexed by search engines to help drive traffic to your main website.

Need more help? Contact Tour Real Estate Inc for the best in Realtor Websites, Realtor Marketing and more. We can help you set up Facebook Fan pages with great custom graphics for an affordable price.


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