Realtor Websites from TourRE

Realtor Websites
Realtor Websites from TourRE

30 Seconds…

That’s all it takes to gain or lose a prospective real estate client. Web studies have shown that the average user views a site for just 30 seconds before they decide to use the site or move on to the next. If your site is unattractive, or hard to use you may be losing your portion of a valuable real estate market share.
The clock is ticking…

Tour Real Estate Inc has been providing the best in realtor websites for nearly a decade – setting the standard for the real estate technology industry. Our template Realtor websites are more than just sites in a can; offer a level of control and elegant design that rivals high-end custom websites — all for a price close to what you might pay for a one-time print advertisement.

TourRE helps build super-agents! We give you all the tools you need and that your clients demand in order to provide the best service available online today. We offer template Realtor Websites as well as Semi-custom Realtor Websites which are controlled through a powerful back-end toolbox that puts YOU in control. Our Realtor website functionality includes:

  • control how search engines view your Realtor website
  • created unlimited custom pages and content
  • RSS Feeds of your listings
  • EVERY listing has it’s own webpage with a print friendly URL
  • FULL MLS Search 24/7
  • capture leads from every point of contact on your site
  • a rental listings database
  • every listing searched for through your site brands YOU as the contact agent
  • comprehensive Realtor website and listing statistics
  • FAST easy to use searches
  • and much much more!

Still not convinced? Visit our website to view examples of our Realtor websites, Real Estate Office websites, and read up on more of the great services we can offer for today’s progressive Real Estate Agents.


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