Every Listing has it’s own single use site!

We have modified our Direct Home Link function to make it even better! Now named Single Use Sites, you can now use this great tool to not only create short easy to use URLs for your listings but to also create a stylish look to showcase your listing as it’s own website!

In addition, you can track the hits each Single Use Site is receiving in order to follow which advertising medium is most beneficial to marketing your listing.

How do Single Use Sites work?

Every active listing is automatically assigned 5 Single Use Site link numbers based on the last five digits of it’s MLS number and then A-D.

example: mls listing number 98409898 has five Single Use Site links


You can also create your own Single Use Site links in addition; name them however you like (ex: http://www.yoursite.com/100). By creating these custom links you can reuse sign riders created using them for new listings by assigning the new listing of your choice with the custom link number.

By using a specific Single Use Site link for differing individual advertisment uses you can then track which direct link is receiving the most traffic and adjust your marketing dollars for maximum results.

For Example:

You have a new listing, MLS number 98409898. In the Single Use Sites section of your toolbox you create four custom Single Use Site links for this listing – 100,200,300,400.

You use the sign with the link http://www.yoursite.com/100 in front of the house.
You create an ad in the newspaper using the link http://www.yoursite.com/200.
You purchase an ad in a local real estate zine using link http://www.yoursite.com/300.
You send out a Just Listed card mailer campagin using link http://www.yoursite.com/400.

Single Use Sites keeps track of how many hits are received on each of your Single Use Site link URLs. So for instance your listing might receive alot of traffic and you are receive 40 hits from your sign in front of the house, but you notice that the link you used in the newspaper only receives 5 hits, and your number you used in the real estate zine receives 20 hits…In this manner you can see that you may want to increase your advertising focus on the real estate zine next week, or on having an open house, rather than running a less effective ad in the newspaper or elsewhere.

Once your listing sells, keep your sign riders and reassign your custom created link numbers to a new listing. This allows you to essentially recycle your signs, and to see exactly where your listing views are coming from, giving you great insight into how your marketing dollars are working.


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