Your Meta-tags and you…

The meta-tag information your site contains is often the first thing a search engine will read when indexing your site. While meta-tags do not carry the weight in affecting your overall search engine placement that they once did they are still KEY to your website being properly indexed, and thusly found.

Your three basic tags are: Title, Description, and Keywords. While they are all important many experts argue that your Title tag will carry the most importance of these three. Generally you will want to keep your Title tag down to a maximum of ten words – any more than this often will not even be read by the search engines or in some cases may cause you to be penalized. Your Description tag is a place for you to display a brief synopsis of your site, or services; generally you will want to keep this down to 20-30 words. Your Keyword tag is a section of focused words relevant to your site or services – separated by comma’s – and should relate strongly to the market you wish to serve; should be a maximum of 20 words.

Via our Client Toolbox you have complete control over every meta-tag on every page of your site. You will want to go through these pages and add unique info for each one (a generic tag will show throughout if nothing is entered by you). By having unique information specific to each page in your meta-tags you can help search engines not only more accurately index your site but also improve your search engine position and how customers find you.

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