More than websites in a can…

Everyone knows that Tour Real Estate Inc offers the very best in template real estate websites, custom real estate web design, and real estate print marketing. What alot of people may not realize is that our templated real estate websites are not like other generic templates that some companies may offer. Fact is, our template websites offer more power and control than many high-end custom web designs!

While your templated real estate website may share a similar layout as other agents who may be using that same template we provide you with several color themes for almost every one of our templates, as well as variously themed Flash slideshows, so you can declare your individuality at no extra cost. Beyond that our modular templates allow you to customize our pre-made landing page components or even create your own with just a few clicks. Beyond the numerous methods for customizing available to our real estate web design clients for free we also offer the very finest in semi-custom modifications to our websites — allowing our customers to add their unique branding to a templated site for a fraction of what a fully custom web site might cost.

Moreso, by purchasing one of our template real estate websites you have access to ALL of the elegantly designed template websites available – 50+ and growing! – in our library. This means you can change your website every day if you so desire until you find the look thats just right – all with just a few clicks, and all without extra cost! It’s like having 50 websites for the cost of just one!

In today’s technology based market I simply can not stress enough how very important your online presence is to the success of your business. Over 80% of potential customers research a Realtor online before they even consider doing business with them – you MUST be online to reach this audience, and your website MUST be the very best. That said, do not delay and risk losing your valuable share of profits in this difficult market — Get a real estate website from TourRE TODAY!


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